Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here we go...our initial support letter

Dear Friends and Family,

There are some awesome changes going on in our lives that we want to share with all of you! After working as a pastor at Real Life Ministries for the last six years, I am leaving that position at the church.

We are beginning a new ministry called CREATE. It is a non-profit, parachurch organization that will focus on bringing “a revival of the arts in the Church and Church in the artist.”

Can you imagine the Church being known as a place of abundant creativity, where artists felt like a necessary and valuable part of the body?

Can you imagine the Church being known as one of the most influential and supportive patrons of the arts?

Can you imagine the Church going outside its walls to show the love of Jesus by serving the community through the arts?

We can!

Over the years we have seen a huge need in the area of the arts in the church. Many who are artistically gifted find it very difficult to find their place in the church, and conversely the Church has had a difficult time embracing the arts. We believe that the arts are an immeasurably valuable gift that GOD has given us and are a necessity to the Church.

We are going to begin working with the local church to:
-Support the Church to embrace the arts
-Connect artists to be a part of the Church
-Equip artists to use their gifts and abilities
-Reach our community with the Love of GOD by serving them through the arts.

We have a detailed plan of how we believe GOD wants us to do this, and have already begun working with the churches in our area to make it a

What we need now is your support. Will you consider partnering with us in this new adventure? Here are four different ways you can help.

Prayer- Will you commit to pray for us? We believe this is GOD’s idea and that He has already been at work here. We desperately need Him to lead us,
empower us, and provide for us.

People- Do you know people who need this valuable ministry? Will you tell them about us, suggest us as a friend on facebook, or give us their contact
information so we can invite them to be a part of what GOD is doing?

Join us- Do you have skills and abilities that could help get this ministry off the ground? We need to develop a team that is passionate about the Church and the arts.

Financially- Are you able to support us financially with either a one-time gift or monthly support (any amount is appreciated)? Our goal is to be a privately supported non-profit. So if you believe in us and what we are doing PLEASE be a part of making it a reality!

Checks can be made out to “CREATE”, and sent to:

CREATE c/o ryan hadden
802 indiana ave.
Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

We are a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit, so all donations are tax deductable.

Thank you for your time and support. We look forward to telling you all of the stories of what GOD has done. Keep up to date with us by reading our blog, or becoming our friend on facebook.

Ryan and Laurie Hadden