Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the LORD is my computer tech, I shall not want

July 6th, 2010-

So today was the first official day of working on CREATE as a full time job. We are very excited to see who GOD will bring along to join us, as well as how He will provide. Something amazingly cool and miraculous happened today that I still can hardly believe, so I have to share it with you.

One of the perks of my last job was that I was able to use one of the Church's computers. So for the last 6 years I have had a laptop at my disposal. The reality of having to turn it in hit me today as I realized how necessary a computer is to what I do. Not to mention that all of my files were still on my old computer, so I found myself with a dilemma.

1. I needed a computer
2. I had no money

So I did what any good American would do, I began to think of how to get financed for one. But as I entertained that idea, I thought about all of the amazing things that GOD has done so far in leading us towards this ministry. I found myself wondering why GOD would want me to get in debt. Why couldn't I just pray and ask for one? So Laurie and I prayed and asked GOD for a computer.

As a few hours passed I discovered what a great man of faith I was as I was already scheming again to figure out how to buy one on my own. I called my wonderful wife on the phone to get her input, and she gently rebuked and encouraged me. She said, "I know we could get one, and it probably wouldn't be wrong, but I feel like GOD wants to do something else."

I had been feeling the same thing, so as she shared, my conviction grew against financing one. But would GOD really provide one? How long would I have to wait? What if He didn't?

So I worked the rest of the day, using my trusty old fashioned pen and notebook (which are actually my favorite combination in the world). Then as I was headed home, I looked at the clock and realized I was about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. So I turned around and headed out to Staples to buy some envelopes to send out our mailers with. As I was walking out of the store I saw an old friend who I haven't seen in about a year. He doesn't live in town, and he had just borrowed a truck from his uncle and come into town for a few hours. We just happened to be here at the same time.

He asked me how everything was going with the new adventure, and I filled him in on all the latest development. As I was walking out he grabbed one of the newspapers that advertised all of the specials this month at Staples, and he pointed to a computer and said, "I am here to buy one of these. They are a great deal."

I looked at the photo, and thought that is a great deal, could I finance one? NO, not again with my amazing faith. I then mentioned we were praying for GOD to give us a computer. He then said, "here, walk over and check it out with me." So I walked with him, and then after a few moments of discussing it's abilities, he told the clerk he was buying two!

I was in shock. Only a few hours later, through impossible situations, GOD had answered our prayers. Again confirming that we are headed in the right direction.

My friend then came over and spent a few hours helping me get my computer all set up.

I hope this encourages you that GOD does hear, and He will answer. We can be so impatient sometimes, and rather than have faith we can put it on credit. I wonder how many times we miss what GOD wants to do because we won't wait.

May GOD allow you to be in situations where you need His provision, and may you be forced to wait so He can prove Himself faithful.

Thank you to my friend & thank you to my daddy who always provides.


  1. awesome testimony! the future is looking blessed

  2. Yay, I love this story! God is so awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds very similar to my camera story.
    Did you hear about that? If not, email me.

  4. Awesome, Ryan!!!!! We get in too much of rush sometimes and miss God's blessings, don't we? I'm thankful you were patient (and have a wise wife), so He could bless you (and this friend). He is faithful!!

  5. Ryan, Unbelievable... yet NOT because we believe in an amazing GOD who wants to do amazing things - thanks for sharing and building up my faith in a FAITHFUL GOD! (from jmorley)

  6. Hey Ryan! Awesome (and encouraging!) story :) It's crazy how a God big enough to hold the universe in His hands is so lovingly faithful to His children that He's more than willing to provide the simplest of things. What an awesome God we worship :D

    I can't wait to hear of more amazing things God is doing through your ministry!